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The E1DD platform does not restrict your paper selection. This is key in “volume” mail production. Offset, Matte, Dull, and Gloss papers can be leveraged without special coatings or treatments. This allows you ultimate flexibility and reduces costs when compared to legacy digital print platforms.

In the past “Volume” often meant inventory. Inventory brings with it limited creativity and flexibility, longer turn times, and bloated cost concerns. Welcome to the next age in execution on your campaigns. At E1DD “Volume” means producing the entire mail piece at high volumes in real time. We make your campaign execution both simple and dynamic. Do more, manage less and get your teams back to responding to your market conditions. Less tactical management and more real marketing.

“Volume” means being able to print and assemble millions of direct mail pieces a day in an all-digital, more efficient platform. The implications of that for our marketing clients has been enormous.

Digital web printing technology now produces at rates that rival traditional web litho printing in the high color market. It’s a fact. E1DD offers your teams, tools and equipment that allow you to execute your previously hybrid campaign (litho color shells and monochrome personalization) in an all-digital environment. It saves time, money, and effort, all while increasing effectiveness. It's that simple! E1DD breaks the mold by allowing your current budget for higher “Volume” campaigns to leverage all digital production.

“At E1DD we have redefined what High Volume Variable Digital Print means for our marketing clients. E1DD represents the next evolution in direct mail execution.”






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